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Post Inline Carbon Filter / Mineral Filter / Nylon Filter Cartridge / Siliphos Filter Cartridge

The post carbon filter cartridge and inline carbon filter cartridge are usually used as the last stage of the RO system.
They are made of the granular coconut carbon which have fine effect of filtration for removing the chlorine, taste,
and odor, also, these filter cartridge can be filled in with the different filter media such as PP sediment, resin according
to the requirements.
Mineral filter cartridge is installed after RO membrane usually, it adds mineral to pure water. Mineral is good to health.
  • T33A / T33B / T33C / T33D / ALUM-10 / MB-10 / ALMB-10 / ALMB-10B / NT-05 / NT-10 / SP-10

  • 0200

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